Where do we start! It’s been almost two decades that we have been filming high-end weddings across the UK, Europe and further afield and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. From early years in the film industry we just didn’t think the weddings films of that day cut it, so we decided to try and make things a little better. We were at the beginnings of what is now deemed ‘cinematic wedding films’ and rode that wave filming in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe and capturing the weddings of international athletes, pop stars and royalty along the way in our own unique style.

What is our style? As years pass we have come to realise we just don’t like cameras stuck in our face, and most people are the same, which is why our technique is to capture everything in the most discreet way possible, this doesn’t just allow you and your guests to get on with your big day without disturbance, but more importantly it allows us to gather all of the atmosphere and emotion from the day in a very natural fashion. This can be the most difficult way to shoot but by far the most rewarding and its after shooting many hundreds of events that we know exactly where to be at all the right times so every moment is perfectly shot.

We absolutely love weddings and the challenges live events bring, it’s what we thrive on along with the massive responsibility of your day being captured exactly how you want it, thats why as much as we enjoy filming we also take it very seriously as there are no second takes!

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